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Tommy Lee started Hippity Hop Travel to allow everyone to travel the world that he has been exploring for the last 25 years. From swimming in the warm seas of the Adriatic, trekking expansive deserts in Jordan, explore spice bazaars in Istanbul, worshiping in Japanese temples, and summiting mountains in Colorado, Tommy and Hippity Hop are ready to help you on the trip of a lifetime. He believes that stress-free, fulfilling travel should be accessible to all. 

Tommy Lee started traveling at the age of 14, embarking on a study abroad program to Florence with his Mother, an Art Professor.  From the first night that he saw the Duomo, he saw the world in a whole new light. A world full of mystery, love, and adventure and he couldn't wait to taste more. Since then he's lived everywhere from Alaska to Prague, exploring and immersing himself in different cultures and experiences. His goal with Hippity Hop Travel is to help others see the similarities instead of the differences in each other's cultures and bring the world closure one trip at a time. 

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